Mazey McMazeface: So It Begins

February 17, 2018
golang maze image ascii art side project mazey mcmazeface

Command Sequencer

May 1, 2017
A way to automate a repetitive build cycle that was full of inconsistencies.
golang go robertkrimen/otto javascript side project

Game of Life

March 22, 2017
My take on Conway's Game of Life
golang go game of life nsf/termbox-go side project

Ascii Image Converter

February 2, 2017
An experiment to introduce myself to ascii writing and image processing/manipulation in Golang.
golang go image convert gif ascii art side project

Dynamic Console UI

March 8, 2016
An interactive console application that you can manage/run alias commands that are used frequently.
golang go jroimartin/gocui wip side project

Teaching Summer Programs

September 18, 2011
summer youth program wie syp esp google sketchup virtual environment

Multi-Input Telepresence and Shared Environment

May 5, 2011
Two different people share the same virtual environment and interact with it simultaneously.
virtual environment python graduate faast kinect vizard primesense cs5090

Treemap Visualization of Wireless Network Activity

December 31, 2010
A collection of programs that collected network packets, analyzed them, and displayed the connections in an interactive spiral treemap.
visualization network treemap graduate java tcpdump perl cs5090

Wedding Website

July 1, 2010
A website that basically was a "shopping cart" for my wedding pictures.
django jquery python wedding email pictures